About DyMynd

DyMynd believes deeply that every woman deserves to feel financially empowered. This is why, in 2011, we founded our financial empowerment and social innovation firm with a vision to revolutionize the financial industry through a new empowerment framework to support women and their emotional relationship with money. DyMynd is led by a team of industry experts with deep knowledge and decades of collective experience in finance, psychology, and technology.

Behavior is influenced by customs and established social norms—but historically, being financially savvy and taking an active role in financial decisions has not been the accepted social norm for women. In fact, being financially savvy is most often equated with not being feminine. We can not let that continue to be the case! We are on a mission to financially empower women at every level, and to ensure that we have built DyMynd on three core tenets:

  • Finance isn't a boys club anymore.

    Women’s roles in finance have been historically undervalued. Women have been trying to engage with finance, and finance needs to respond in a way that meets her ways of doing business.

  • Women understand finance differently.

    Women have unique perspectives on finance that require a sophisticated response. Women are NOT mini-men. Finance can’t just “pink it and shrink it” and expect women to engage in a trusting conversation.

  • Before behavioral finance there is emotional finance, which informs how people think and behave when it comes to money.

    Each woman’s key money messages and experiences engaging with Finance affect her emontional relationship with money. It is the emotional relationship with money, not the behavioral, that truly drives her financial comfort, security, and behaviors.

Leveraging years of industry experience and proven academic research, DyMynd has created:

The world’s first Financial Identity Profile.

The DyMynd Financial Identity Profile is a more holistic assessment for people to better understaind their money style. Inclusive of a woman’s perspective it takes the traditional risk approach to understanding people and their financial goals and expands it to incorporate their emotional financial security for a much more complete picture.

Dynamic programs to empower women financially:

Financial Institutions

We help build deeper and more meaningful relationships with women in finance and female clients for a more inclusive partnerships and dynamic results with our series of DyMynd Finanical Identity Profile and presentations.


Through the DyMynd Angels Initiative we help empower more women to become investors in the entrepreneurial space and disrupt the way in which female entrepreneurs access capital as the only women-led and female-focused angel investing network in Chicago.

Next Generation of Women

Through our community programs, we help to prepare young women to take the market head on with Smart Women Rock Money for women in college and DyMynds in the Rough for female high school sudents.

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