About DyMynd

DyMynd believes deeply that every woman deserves to feel financially empowered. This is why Carolyn Leonard and Tomer Yogev founded DyMynd in 2011 with a vision to revolutionize the financial industry. Leveraging years of industry experience and proven academic research, DyMynd helps financial institutions build deeper and more meaningful relationships with female clients for better returns. DyMynd is led by a team of industry experts with deep knowledge and over 50 years of collective experience in finance, psychology, and technology.

Behavior is influenced by customs and established social norms. But historically, being financially savvy and taking an active role in financial decisions has not been the accepted social norm for women. In fact, being financially savvy is most often not equated with being feminine. That can’t continue to be the case. We’re on a mission to financially empower every woman, and to ensure that we built DyMynd on three core tenets:

  • Connector.

    Finance isn't a boys club anymore.

    Cultural norms in society have historically undervalued women’s role in finance. Women are engaging and Finance needs to respond in order to increase opportunity and foster valuable relationships.

  • Connector.

    Women understand finance differently.

    Women have unique perspectives on finance that require a sophisticated response; women are NOT mini-men. Finance can’t just “pink it and shrink it” and expect them to engage in a trusting conversation.

  • Connector.

    Finance should be SEXI.

    Finance needs to lose the “suit” and show that it can be SEXI (Sophisticated, Engaging, eXciting, and Intelligent). Women require more information to make responsible financial decisions.

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