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Investing in her is more than the size of the check, but the power of our collective impact.

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Our Why

Around the world, women yield tremendous economic power but the market women represent, as investors, is vastly untapped. In fact, in 2013, women only represented 19% of all angel investors in the United States. This represents an enormous missed opportunity for female entrepreneurs and this is where DyMynd Angels can be most effective.

Our Goals

Educate investors to get involved in the entrepreneurial space and to disrupt the way in which female entrepreneurs access capital, to develop dynamic educational environment that elevates each women into the entrepreneurial space and removes the barriers for her to engage and to provide female entrepreneurs with new access to a more inclusive and supportive community of investors.

The DyMynd Approach

The current model for entrepreneurial investing can be challenging for both the new investor and the entrepreneur. The community of investors is a small ecosystem with various barriers to entry, especially for women. With subject matter experts saturating the market, we have found that first-time investors are often discouraged from entering the conversation. New investors are afraid to ask questions for fear of embarrassing themselves or making bad investments and are ultimately discouraged from getting involved. For entrepreneurs, the process is equally as discouraging. New entrepreneurs are intimidated by the process of raising capital and facing the scrutiny of venture capitalists, which in turn, prevents them from doing so. For a startup company, we understand the importance of raising capital at the right time and how raising capital can be critical to the growth of any startup company. Further, we have found that the conversation about investing in a startup company is often focused on the reasons not to engage, with a heavy emphasis on the quantitative aspects of a startup company and far less emphasis on the accomplishments and qualitative components of the startup.

The Solution

DyMynd Angels is a dual empowerment model intended to cultivate dynamic partnerships between female investors and female entrepreneurs. Our platform seeks to educate leading women on the fundamentals of early-stage investing to confidently engage in the startup community and make impactful investments to support women-led businesses. The concept spawns from the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to invest in female leaders and aims to bridge the gap between female investors and founders to elevate the entrepreneurial ecosystem for ALL women throughout Chicago Metropolitan area.

DyMynd Angels will offer the opportunity for all women, regardless of investment experience, to get involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a way that truly supports the people, causes, and beliefs that are uniquely important to them.

1920 Campaign - Vote Your Money

Be one of the 1,920 women to collectively underwrite 20 female led start-ups throughout Chicago and the MIdwest. Make your contribution to empower women, and earn a 1-year DyMynd Angels™ membership and other benefits.

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Our Values:





  • All women should have the opportunity to invest towards a collective good.
  • Social learning model for both investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Multi-tiered level of support for female-start-up leaders.
  • Giving people the resources and tools to successful investing.
  • Make knowledge available and easily understandable thereby removing the element of intimidation.

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