DyMynd Launches Smart Women Rock Money Workshop

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DyMynd’s workshop reveals 74% of female participants believe they will be primary decision maker regarding future finances.

CHICAGO, October 14, 2016 – DyMynd, an innovative financial empowerment firm that provides tools and resources to help individuals and organizations gain a better understand of their emotional relationship with money and the key factors that drive financial decisions, partnered with Bryn Mawr College to bring a Smart Women Rock Money Workshop to a select group of female students. After in-depth roundtable discussions with a range of emerging and experienced women, DyMynd created this workshop to tap into the desire young women have for more financial education.

With a group of 50 students, DyMynd led an interactive discussion providing women the opportunity to strengthen their financial leadership skills.  The conversation covered topics such as balancing education versus careers, key factors that impact how women save money as well as key financial strategies and how to maximize investments.

Through the workshop’s live texting component, DyMynd discovered that the majority of students (34%) were very concerned about their financial security and only had minimal banking relationships.  Also, 74% of the women planned on being the primary decision maker regarding their future finances.

“The information was very telling in that DyMynd has an opportunity to help banks and financial advisors connect with emerging leaders in a more personal and effective way,” said DyMynd’s Chief Executive Officer, Carolyn Leonard. “We believe we can help institutions attract and retain emerging female clients through our research.”

According to DyMynd’s Chief Strategy Officer, Monika Black, PhD, the group shared their early childhood experiences with money, how social and environmental responsibilities shape their investment decisions as well as how they managed money and the burden of student debt.

“Delivering the Smart Women Rock Money program to students considering graduate school and first jobs enabled us to equip a group of brilliant women with the essentials of earning, saving, spending, giving and managing debt…information most of us wish we had as undergraduates,” said Megan Roudebush workshop co-presenter and career coach.

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DyMynd is an innovative financial empowerment firm that partners with individuals and organizations to help them understand the emotional relationship behind money and the key factors that drive financial decisions in life and in business.  DyMynd has a suite of products, resources and workshops that provide education and insight into a woman’s investment decisions.  Institutions, advisors and individuals leverage DyMynd to gain a better understanding of how women and students feel towards their financial future, their attitudes towards investing and their behaviors around money. www.DyMynd.com

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