Money Talks: Exploring Women’s Relationship with Money – Featuring: Kim Taylor

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At DyMynd we focus on a woman’s relationship with money to break down the barrier for financial empowerment. Money has culturally been a taboo subject and we have found that women are told not to talk about it in public. This leads women to feel uncomfortable about their finances and uneasy to share their stories and experiences.
This year it is important that we breakdown these barriers so that we can all rise and stand together. DyMynd wants to bust the myth that “money isn’t for women” and help women forge new relationships with their money messages and experiences. 
In honor of Women’s Month, we have asked leading women to answer a few questions about their experiences with money. Due to an overwhelming response, we have extended the series to give all women an opportunity to share their money stories. Today we are featuring Kim Taylor, President, Global Operations, Technology and Risk at CME Group, to share insights into her relationship with money. We invite you to read her responses and hope you get inspired and empowered to strengthen your own financial relationships.

What were your first experiences with money?

I had a paper route in fifth grade.  It was the first time I earned my own money and connected working hard with a paycheck.

What were the key messages around money that your family instilled in you?

Responsibilities come first.  Fun is important, but responsibilities before fun.  That influences my thinking to this day.

What is your current relationship with money like?

I think now I focus more on the strategy needed for saving and investing.  Earning money is obviously important, but making that money go further is also something I focus on more now than I did earlier in my career.