Smart Money, Smart Women: What Successful Women Say About The Possibilities

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“As a child, Carolyn Leonard, the CEO of DyMynd (pronounced “Diamond”)  a financial empowerment consultancy that caters to women, and the first woman to trade in the OEX pit at the CBOE, had her first job helping her grandfather fix toilets and leaky faucets in the apartment buildings the family owned. She earned between 50 cents and $1 a day, and her mother helped her open up a savings account and deposit the money there.

Leonard made some mistakes early on, such as not putting her own name on the title or mortgage to the house she and her husband bought. She later turned to the trading floor to make her own money after their divorce. It took her six months of struggle to overcome the male brokers at the CBOE boycotting trading with her, but she eventually made enough money to pay off all her debts and maintain six figures in her trading account.”

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