DyMynd Angels is the only Women-led and Female-focused Angel Investing Initiative in Chicago

The DyMynd Angel Initiative can fill the gap for women to get to the next levels of funding. However, we need a model that meets her needs:


  • The lack of objectivity in early state funding allow for gender bias to drive key investment decisions, traditional funding models result in women only receiving 3% of all VC funding.
  • There are not enough female angel investors, in the US only 7% of all VC partners are women.
  • The pitch model is unresponsive to the values and leadership styles of female founders.

Join the 1920 Campaign

The first step to becoming a leader in the DyMynd Angel Initiative is to join the “Vote Your Money” Campaign. Regardless of your investment experience, you can help shift the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a way that truly empowers Chicago’s entrepreneurial woman.

We invite you to be one of the 1,920 women we are challenging to donate $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 (per woman) to collectively underwrite 20 female led start-ups throughout Chicago and the Midwest.

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In 1920, women won the right to vote in America after years of battling inequality. But somehow, in today’s world, women are still not treated equally. In fact, women only receive 3% of all VC funding in the US. For every $100.00 a male entrepreneur receives, a female entrepreneur only receives $2.90! We’re saying enough is enough and changing the economic opportunity for women and money, because women deserve the right to equal access for funding.


  • The "Vote Your Money" Campaign Fund

    This is a $1.92 Million perpetual fund to continuously empower female entrepreneurs throughout Chicago and the Midwest

  • Invest in 20 Female-Led Start-Ups

    The DyMynd Angels Investment Committee, comprised of diverse leaders throughout the Chicago entrepreneurial ecosystem, will use a holistic valuation model to select 20 start-ups to invest in.

  • Reinvest in Her

    All profits from will be reinvested in the Vote Your Money Campaign Fund to support future generations of women-led organizations.


DyMynd Angels is an initiative of DyMynd, financial empowerment social innovation firm helping women to understand their emotional relationship with money and unlock their financial empowerment.