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If you’re a woman, you deserve to feel financially empowered.

It’s no question women are engaging with money. The problem is—not every woman feels fully financially empowered. The solution is to create the right space, the right conversation, with the right support. Enter DyMynd, a boutique financial empowerment firm with the right approach and tools to help women understand their financial personality and build trusting relationships.

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Meet Carolyn Leonard.

From single mother to successful trader, Carolyn has forged her way through a male dominated industry and achieved financial empowerment. Now she’d like to share her lessons with you to help with your own success.

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What’s your financial personality?

We help women explore their approach to finance, cultivate positive financial relationships and build trust using an assessment called DyMynd Identity Survey and our Mastermind Group.

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Learn the Ropes

Overwhelming jargon, confusing processes, and a looming complexity in the financial world make it tough to get started let alone get a leg up. That’s why we’ve created DyMynd U—an educational space to help you make sense of everything and empower your financial self.

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DyMynd’s Money is Always in Style eBook

When we think about style we often think about fashion, clothing, hair or interior design. Rarely, however, do we think that we have a money style. In this eBook, we will explore and examine Money Style: where it came from and how we use it.

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