Money Talks: Angel Investing – Featuring: Jessica Zander

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At DyMynd we focus on a woman’s relationship with money, and how best to empower women forward towards a healthier sense of financial security. Understanding a woman’s emotional financial security can help her in life and in business.

This year it is important that we break down these barriers so that we can all rise and stand together. DyMynd wants to bust the myth that “money isn’t for women”, and help women forge new relationships with their investment options. Our first money series explored the key money messages that women received when they were young and how that impacts their money making decisions today. In response to the pay gap and gender bias in business, we are starting a new dynamic initiative and conversation about women and angel investing!

To address the funding gap for female entrepreneurs throughout Chicago DyMynd has launched DyMynd Angels, a social initiative to empower women to become investors by getting involved in the entrepreneurial space, and disrupting the way in which female entrepreneurs access capital. In true DyMynd fashion we thought that we would start the conversation by asking women to share their thoughts and views on Angel Investing. We have asked leading women to answer a few questions about their experiences.

Today we are featuring Jessica Zander, Founder and CEO at JBZ Consulting Inc, to share her insights about how she sees herself as an angel investor. We invite you to read her responses, get inspired and feel empowered to join DyMynd Angels and support the 1920 ‘Vote Your Money Campaign’ for women who want to decrease the funding gap for female-led startups in Chicago and throughout the Midwest.

When you think of angel investing, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

When I think of angel investing, the first thing that comes to mind is exclusive and elusive groups of wealthy individuals who collectively raise funds for entrepreneurs already within their network.

Are you currently an angel investor? If not, have you previously considered angel investing. Why did you or did you not become an Angel Investor? 

I am not currently an angel investor, and have only considered it as a very long-term goal, dependent upon my own ability to make enough money to cover the needs of my own family, business, and philanthropic commitments. It has truthfully been challenging to imagine having ‘leftover’ cash that I can give to other entrepreneurs.

When did you first learn about Angel Investing? Was your impression of angel investing positive, negative, or neutral and why?

I first learned of Angel Investing when one of my first clients needed help securing funds for her SEED round. She asked me to look into the various Angel networks in Chicago, and figure out the best path to connecting with those that would be most interested in her business. I was initially very pleased to hear of such a concept – because I assumed that “angel” meant giving without obstacles. I quickly learned that Angel networks can be just as exclusive and allusive as VCs, and grew less enthused about the concept.

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