Taking a Chance on HER with DyMynd Angels

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DyMynd Angels knows that making an investment in a female founder is not taking risk at all! Most female founders bootstrap until the risk has been squeezed out. Further, female-led companies have a higher ROI.

“Businesses with a woman on the executive team are more likely to have higher valuation; 64% higher at first funding and 49% higher at last funding (InvestHerVentures, 2017)”

Even though this is the norm, she still she has a difficult time raising the necessary capital to grow her business. How could this be the case in 2017?

So, What Is The Opportunity

When asked about an old saying, “Men are told to win. Women are told not to lose.”—on a recent interview on WCIU’s the The Jam—Carolyn and Monika’s response was that everyone can win.

We have to change this narrative that if one person wins that someone has to loose because it does not hold true in a world in which more and more women are winning. When it comes to investing in women it is only about HER winning because when she wins, her family wins, her communities wins. The truth of it is that when SHE wins, you win.

The risk for ALL women is what happens if we don’t invest in each other—if we don’t invest in HER. This is why DyMynd Angels exists, to help more women to fill the funding gap for female entrepreneurs.

Do We Really Need to Do The Math? 

“Around the world, women yield tremendous economic power but the market women represent, as investors, is vastly untapped. In fact, in 2013, women only represented 19% of all angel investors in the United States. This represents an enormous missed opportunity for female entrepreneurs and this is where DyMynd Angels can be most effective (Carolyn Leonard, 2017).”

There are only 3% female accredited angel investors in Chicago. Female investors only make $2.90 out of every $100 that a male founder receives from a venture capitalist. Quite frankly, this is just unacceptable. At a time when women are 51% of the workforce, 33% of middle management, 22% of c-suite leadership, and are increasingly leading in the entrepreneurial landscape, it cannot be that women are only able to raise $3.00 of VC funding from predominantly male investors. DyMynd Angels is the pipeline for women to become actively engaged Future Female Funders looking to make an impact for women in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Together, our investment in her will be more than just the size of the check, it will be the power of our collective impact.

DyMynd Angels Is For You!

“DyMynd Angels empowers the female investors to get involved in the entrepreneurial space and disrupt the way in which female entrepreneurs access capital (DyMynd, 2017).”

DyMynd Angels is for anyone who is interested in changing the entrepreneurial ecosystem for female founders.

Step 1: Make a contribution to the 1920 Vote your Money Campaign and become a leader in the future of female-led start-ups.
  • We have launched with an ask for 100 women to contribute $1,000 in 100 days through February 8th, 2018.
  • After the 100 day campaign, raise $1.82m in 2018 through crowdfunding with an opportunity to make a contribution of any size that is right for you, through the end of March 2018.
  • Finally, Future Female Funders, will have an opportunity to make a $192 contribution in the name of a woman who economically empowered her forward as a part of our Legacy Project.
Step 2: Join us at an upcoming Angel Hour
  • Angel Hours are social learning networking events designed for Future Female Funders to meet directly with female founders. We know that when women connect and understand each other that we are more likely to support one another in business.
  • Click here for more information about our first Angel Hour at ZipFit Denim.
  • Check out and register for our second Angel Hour at Colvin House, a female founded creative co-working space.


Lean more about DyMynd Angels by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.