Cracking the Code on Women and Finance

  • DyMynd is an innovative force that challenges the status quo on how women engage with Finance

    DyMynd provides insightful strategies for engaging women and cracks the code on financial literacy.

  • DyMynd provides an analytical tool to drive highly personalized strategies.

    Design highly targeted strategies for approaching and forming lasting relationships with women. If you have access to the thinking, learning, and engagement style of your clients, you will make better strategic decisions.

  • Contextualize the conversation around financial literacy for women

    DyMynd has developed a unique financial literacy program that actively engages HNW women and their daughters in critical conversations, dynamic connections and high powered engagements around their personal finance.

  • Financial engagement and literacy. Built by women, for women.

    DyMynd's models are based upon years of rigorous academic research coupled with a wide range of financial industry know how.

Latest Updates

DyMynd puts into the context the conversation between women and Finance with greater transparency. This, in turn, helps everyone from the investor to their account manager, and from executives at a firm to the financial industry as a whole.

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