Ms. Maximizer: DyMynd’s Chief Strategy Officer Pioneers DePaul’s Alumna Profile

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We know she is amazing; it’s nice that her alma mater is also recognizing the fearless tenacity, optimism and hard work behind DyMynd’s Chief Strategy Officer, Monika Black. Starting with ambitions to be a pre-med student at the University of Michigan to achievements as a four-time All-American athlete and co-Founder of TandemSpring, where she helps organizations and their employees leverage their strengths: DePaul’s first ever Alumna Profile captures Monika’s inspiring career trajectory and provides insight into one of DyMynd’s exhilarating expert trainers.

If you are interested in DyMynd’s service offerings, we invite you to read about one of the motivating people you will meet: Ms. Maximizer Monika Black.

Download Monika’s Alumna Profile