The many ways DyMynd helps firms

Carolyn Leonard Corporate, Customer Service, Factors, Resources from DyMynd Leave a Comment

One of the hardest questions for us to answer here at DyMynd is “exactly how does DyMynd help?”  Our response is usually something along the lines of, “Where do we begin?!”  DyMynd has countless benefits and applications to firms that inherently struggle to know their clients better and then to capture and retain that information, let alone act against it.  It is not a problem unique to finance, as any customer service organization deals with similar issues, as does less intuitive verticals, such as healthcare and education.  But, there are some basics which are widely acknowledged and easily adopted, and that is where DyMynd plays.

The most obvious application is within customer relationships, at the one-on-one level of the firm.  Clearly by understanding ones self better, and understanding a client better, strong, deeper, and more communicative and trusting relationships can be built.

Less obvious are the countless ways that documenting such information can be applied.  First and foremost, the data can be tracked and traced, helping to comply with a myriad of compliance regulations.  Second, it can be aggregated to bring into focus firm-wide views of personality and risk.  Most powerful, however, is the ability to then make high-level strategic decisions against aggregated data.  These decisions could apply to marketing, HR, financial vehicle creation, and even competitive market strategies.  In short, just about every aspect of the business can potentially be affected.

However, this should not come as any surprise.  Businesses are fundamentally about people, both employee and customer.  Therefore, if you understand the people better, you understand the business better, and with academically grounded psychological solutions like DyMynd, deeper knowledge of your business can be at your fingertips.